Over the years, as I’ve worked with customers and prospects, there is a dichotomy I’ve seen emerge. When purchasing backup solutions, IT decision makers fall in one of two categories:

Encryption pervades all aspects of our lives today. We utilize it as a matter of course without even giving it a second thought. That book you ordered for your Kindle library last night, the message you sent your friend on WhatsApp this morning, the agreement you digitally signed just now — all these acts used encryption, or the science of Cryptography.

A bit of history

The desire to keep and hold secrets is ageless. Cryptography in the form of basic ciphers, has existed from the times of the Greek and Roman civilizations. These were rudimentary in nature and mainly designed to obfuscate messages so they didn’t make sense if they fell into the wrong hands…

Anand Prahlad

Over 25 years of experience in building enterprise software solutions, CEO - Parablu, Ex-MD & Head of McAfee’s R&D Center in India, Ex-SVP CommVault.

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